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Designing your Spice (rack)

My eye has always been drawn to the shape of a hexagon, the beauty of the 6-sided symmetry and how it clusters together so perfectly. When I first saw Gneiss Spice’s magnetic spice jars, I was secretly jealous of their great product idea. I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that!” I finally ordered a kit for myself for a few reasons: While watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix series on New Year’s Day, I finally took action to reorganize my “spice rack”. My spice rack was essentially a bunch of store bought jars that just lived on my kitchen counter. It always bugged me and was not sparking joy. I decided to make a conscious effort to support small businesses with the same mission as mine – to create less waste and buy smarter. I bought a Gneiss Spice kit for someone as a Christmas present and couldn’t wait to gift myself the same.